Kitchen Duct & Extractor Fan Cleaning – Scottish Borders

Are you a food business located in the Scottish borders? If so, Duct Clean Scotland can help you achieve a clean and safe kitchen for your employees to work in and keep your customers happy and safe. We are a team of professional commercial kitchen cleaners who use the best equipment in the industry to make your kitchen as good as new. We provide the best duct cleaning and extractor fan cleaning as we understand the importance of keeping the grease and grime out of your kitchen for good. We take food hygiene very seriously and we can guarantee your extraction system will be in line with TR/19 standards.

We are proud to serve the Scottish borders and keep commercial kitchens safe and in line with food safety regulations. To prove to you our work, we will always provide you with before and after photos and any certificates you may require based on what your type of operation is.

We also provide out of hours and emergency services in the Scottish Borders, meaning no job is too late or too early for us and we can help you be back on track quickly.

Our team is strictly made up of professionals who work quickly, efficiently and with you and your business in mind, providing as little disruption as possible and the best outcome possible.