Kitchen Duct & Extractor Fan Cleaning – Western Isles

At Duct Clean Scotland we are proud to serve the Western Isles and provide the highest quality deep commercial kitchen cleaning with a knowledgeable and friendly team, always ready to help your business.

We’re a team of people dedicated to food health and safety and want to keep the Western Isles safe. That’s why we equipped ourselves with the best equipment in the industry and have had many years of experience in deep cleaning commercial kitchens.

We even offer emergency services as we understand that anything can go wrong. We guarantee to do the job quickly, efficiently and properly.

As a business owner you probably want no disruption to your business operations and that’s why we offer an out of hours service where no job is too late or too early. We understand that every minute is precious for your business’ image and we want to help you maintain a good one.

We can even sort of most dangerous area of your business, the ventilation system. That’s where the most grease and grime collects, but our team with their knowledge and experience have no trouble clearing that up, making the kitchen a safe place for your employees.

We guarantee to adhere to TR/19 standards as we understand the hazards posed by a grimy duct and extractor fan. As high heat rises from the kitchen, it can ignite the grease, but we are here to prevent such disasters. Contact us now for duct cleaning and extractor fan cleaning to keep safe.

We guarantee to keep businesses of the Western Isles safe for everyone and promise to provide before and after photos so you can see for yourself.