Kitchen Duct & Extractor Fan Cleaning – West Lothian

If you’re in need of a deep clean for a commercial kitchen in West Lothian then Duct Clean Scotland are exactly what you’re looking for. At Duct Clean Scotland we can provide you with a highly trained and experienced team of commercial cleaners equipped with the best equipment in the industry to make sure your kitchen stays clean and safe at all times.

We even specialise in the danger areas of kitchens such as the kitchen duct and extractor fan where grease and grime collect the most. This danger area of the kitchen can with time become a fire hazard if it isn’t cleaned properly. Thankfully, Duct Clean Scotland specialise in deep cleaning of the ventilation systems that are guaranteed to be cleaned to TR/19 standards.

We understand that disruptions to your businesses can cost customers so that’s why we offer out of hours services to minimise disruptions. No job is out of our expertise.

We also offer emergency services in West Lothian and our workers can work quickly and efficiently to minimise the amount of time it takes for your business to get back on track and still provide the same high-quality standards.

We promise to always include before and after photos and all the certificates you need at the end of every clean.

We are proud to keep businesses of West Lothian clean and safe for employees and customers, and keep kitchens in line with food health and safety regulations.