Kitchen Duct & Extraction Fan Cleaning

In our line of work, we could tell some kitchen cleaning horror stories (anonymised of course, because we always maintain client confidentiality). Duct Cleaning Services is called out to premises with rat or cockroach infestations (or both): to extractor fans that have jammed through the accumulation of thick grease and dust: to filthy canopy hoods directly over food preparation (you really would not want to eat the dishes that lay below): and innumerable fire risks.

How often do you see a chef who is fanatical about making sure that the stainless steel cooker, fryer and other kitchen surfaces are cleaned spotlessly by the catering staff? And yet how often are those same staff required to reach up and clean the inner workings of the canopy hoods? If they did they would be likely to dislodge a host of unsavoury materials that could contaminate food and create an even bigger problem.

They certainly could and should not handle the deep recesses of the extraction system and deal with grease duct cleaning, extraction cleaning or the innermost workings of the ductwork. They could do considerable damage and may well injure themselves. When it comes to extractor duct and extractor fan cleaning, these are jobs for the experts, namely the dedicated commercial kitchen cleaning workers of Duct Cleaning Services.

Kitchen Duct Cleaning services in Edinburgh

Before and after photos of Kitchen Duct
& Extraction Fan Cleaning

See here the before and after photos from the sort of real life restaurants, pubs, hotels, cafes, hospitals, schools and works canteens that we assist every day.

Grime that was solidly baked on has been removed, accumulated layers of fat have been dissolved and carbon and dust deposits cleaned away to leave clean, decent and legal extraction systems that allow you to get on with providing wholesome food – while not having to worry about the risks that may lurk in the hidden cavities of your kitchen.

Fire Officers and Environmental Health Inspectors

If you are slipshod about extractor cleaning, be sure your sins will find you out. Fire Officers and Environmental Health Inspectors will ask to see a log of your ventilation cleaning regime – and we provide the evidence of the routine, timed inspections and cleaning that we have carried out.

The fact is, it has been the law since 2006 that you must maintain your kitchen extraction systems to prevent fire risks. Further tightening of the legislation is expected soon.

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