General Ventilation Cleaning

There is a legal requirement that all enclosed workplaces are ventilated with fresh purified air, and there is a duty of care placed on building owners and managers to ensure that this is the case. Ventilation cleaning is recommended under the Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations, which also state that mechanical systems used for supplying and purifying air should be cleaned and maintained regularly.

Surveys of the system should be conducted with the findings carefully recorded to maintain compliance with the regulations.

Keeping Hospitals and Schools Safe

Based in Scotland, we have extensive experience in general ventilation cleaning and duct cleaning in schools, hospitals, and commercial kitchens. This cleaning process is not only a requirement of the regulations but also helps to maintain the health of all those who visit the buildings. We are a hospital specialist in accordance with HTM 03/01 (Health Technical Memorandum).

Micro-organisms including MRSA can live and grow inside ducting and ventilation systems, easily spreading through the air. By cleaning the ventilation ducting, the chance of contamination from bacteria and other airborne pathogens is significantly reduced.

It is not enough to simply change the filters on your ventilation systems as dust and bacteria will still accumulate within the system. Regular cleaning will increase and maintain the air quality of the building for all who use it.

We use a mechanical brushing mechanism along with a negative air machine to clean ducting in your premises, ensuring the best possible result in the shortest amount of time.

Duct Cleanliness Testing

We can perform a Preferred Vacuum Test (PVT) to check dust levels present in your ducting. PVT testing can be used to confirm the need for cleaning in the first instance (pre-clean), or to demonstrate the cleanliness of the system after cleaning has been completed (post-clean). We can also provide microbiocidal testing should it be required.

Furthermore, we can perform supply and extract cleaning in accordance with BESA TR/19 and BSEN 15780, ensuring the cleanliness of your ventilation and ductwork systems.

How to get started

Get in touch with us today to have your ductwork surveyed and cleaned. We’ll need to know what kind of ventilation system you have and an idea of when it was last tested or cleaned, and if you have drawings or diagrams of the ventilation system, it will be beneficial.

We’ll conduct a site survey and let you know our recommendations for cleaning your system, and once the work has been completed, we’ll be able to confirm that your ventilation and ductwork complies with the appropriate regulations.

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